Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hello back from year

I'm back after a year.
Things are all different. I missed you guys.
Drinks on me!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Bored,when everyone's fast asleep.
was doodling with freehand. it's not complete yet.
i name it Ruki S1 for stage one. =D

My pea toy came! from strapya !XDD whoo

Tons of stuff happened in these few days.
i ought to do something about me. Seriously, i feel like a scrum, the lowest of living or non.
Sweep me away. sweep , me away.

I wonder what's with bSpot, keep appearing errors when i'm uploading pictures.
Found this in a music store at bras bsha last friday!!!

Need to get a pair of black shoes. the current one made my foot all sore after standing 12+8 .. 20hrs.. 0A0
Received pay on 16th june! not even 700 hundred,slog almost 119 hours.
Gave all to mum, i'm still in debt.T^T
short of 350, gotta wait till next pay. o(+A+)o
That means i have to wait till the 4th/5th month than i can buy my own stuff.
Guitar got to wait another two months from now.
16th june pay-> mum
16th july pay-> mum
16th aug pay-> me! finally!!~
my july pay's peanuts..look at "jump" can't think of the word or growth everything!! oil, food,transport,books,food,transport,entertainment. okay, i know i know..
but HEY! When the Figging pineapple coconut years is our pay going to increase!
We are so under paid... garverment got pay raise. WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE .. THEPEOPLE.
I'm not going gab-gab/hubba about political.
Stupid job ! no overtime pay, it's so unfair. you work OT , you get paid the SAME rate.what choice do i have, thxbai fagging debt i'm in. Or I will definely ditch this job when i got a better one. THX to cost cutting.
Go kiss your FULL timers THEN.
"definely " looks mis- spell.. it's spell wrongly ?

it's morning now. Got to catch some nap.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

tue's raindrops

I was late for my phase test this afternoon. Digital media , late for half an hour while the test duration is an hour. Woah! what have i done! i 'm gonna receive a fat F for this. No doubt.Had NMS theory test in the same afternoon, the questions just spin around my brain. All i could read was " No Signal".
After both tests, realized i have plug in the wrong cable for my DMT phase test. No wonder my voice couldn't record and mess up the input & output. Excellent,wonderfully done.
Too late BIG mistake. okay , lesson learnt.what a price to paid. TT^TT

Having another NMS test later at 9.30am , good luck to me.


kisses & tucks

ps. strapya just shipped out my BANDAI Puni Puni EDAMAME Boys Key Chain. YEAH!! Go MAMA!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

after two buzy weeks

Hi everyone !
finally blogging again after two long weeks.. time pass fast! received my items from strapya
pictures to share with you guys

food charm, hungry ?

i always wanted to become a doctor.. but studies.. oh-well.. cmi =p
TT^TT MUD, strive for your dream!! or this will just be it..

This is lucky bag, i was waiting for !! XDDD

Contents of my lucky bag .. heheee..

Had steamboat for dinner, last week X3

Thursday, May 22, 2008

what a day!

whoo.. slept through out almost the whole day.
missed 2 out 3 lessons today.
i got my mushi cell strap from strapya !

The leather part is excluded.
now waiting for my Fukubukuro and Kushiage to arrive. XD
japan fair at isetan tampines just ended.Manage to grab some during break last week

close up

Later got to do audio recording again, where did i left my script!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

21st may 08 -life so small

i'm mud. currently still a student.
Manage to dig out my blog after 2 years. woots.
Myanmar , china now this. NO! it's not sign right?
Tremors reported in sg ,several areas following Sumatra quake

makes me realise how small we are. cherish life, cherish everyone you.
i love u , u love me
Peace o_0V

Strapya spree #01

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21 may 08,

last order at 28th may 08(2259hrs)

email to

Payment mode: interbank(atm) transfer
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might extend/close if fails to reach cap.
will only place order in when receive payment.No backing out once order is placedPlease pay exact amount. Arrive 2 weeks later, after spree closed, to sg. mass collection will be hold only one day. mass collection venue: will only be reveal when spree closed(but most likely central area) if yu can't come get yur friend to collect for yu. but please inform beforehand. or arrange an appointment with me.
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